freebsd-stable packages on freebsd-release-4.9

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Tue May 4 12:00:04 PDT 2004

To change the package version used by the pkg_add -r command
run sysinstall, go to the options screen and set
the "release name" to "4.9-STABLE".

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I upgraded my ports tree with cvsup using "." for the release so I
would get the latest ports.  pkg_add -r downloads packages from
freebsd-release-4.9 and portupgrade -aPPR fails because it tries to
download packages with version numbers matching the ports tree from
freebsd-release-4.9 directory.  Compiling from ports give up to date
software.  I know that ports only supports freebsd-stable and
current, so is this what should be happening?  Or should pkg_add -r
in synch with ports.  Is it possible to use freebsd stable packages
freebsd-4.9, or do I need to always compile from ports?
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