Partitioning fails due to drive geometry inconsistency

Joshua Lokken joshua at
Mon May 3 13:45:53 PDT 2004

* Carsten Zimmermann <cz at> [2004-05-03 02:08]:
> Hello list.
> I know this had been discussed quite often, but none of the posting
> google offered worked out for me. Please (B)Cc: me as I am not on the list. 
> I have a Western Digital WDC WD400AB-00CMB0 40 GB IDE drive hooked in as
> pri slave in my system and wish to install FreeBSD on it. This is not my
> first install, but it won't work this time (using 5.2.1-R):
> [snip] 
> Important to say: the drive seems to work well on WinXP. I encountered
> no problem there.  Using the DEBUG=yes in the installation options menue
> revealed some UDMA ICRC ... crap error style messages.
Unofficially, something like this will work:

1) Swap the drives
2) Install FreeBSD on the [now] master 40GB drive
3) Install GAG (Graphical Boot Manager).  You can find it here:

GAG is very easy to install and setup, and will happily boot either OS
from either drive.  I have been running FreeBSD 4-stable on the same WD
drive for around 3 years, and I like it alot. 

Note:  there are other ways to do this.  The above solution will get you
where you want to go, but others may have more elegant solutions.


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