Power Off At Shutdown (shutdown -p)

Rishi Chopra rchopra at cal.berkeley.edu
Sat May 1 11:15:21 PDT 2004

Rishi Chopra wrote:

> I'd like to have my computer shutdown without pressing a key to reboot - 
> 'shutdown -p' doesn't seem to be working for me...
> I have:
> apm_enable="YES" in /etc/rc.conf, and
> device          apm0    #Kernel config entry
> Hardware is a Dell XPS120c - do I need anything enabled in BIOS?  Is 
> there a way to check hardware compatabilty (e.g. something other than 
> google groups, which isn't turning up anything)?

Looks like the hardware is not supported; have a look at the informative 
reply by Robert Downes, 5/1/04 @ 5:17AM:

I tried to find the spec for your machine on Dell's site, but their site 
sucks. They don't support the Mozilla browser, and they don't seem to 
have anywhere that lists machine spec. You could e-mail them and ask 
them if your board supports advanced power management, but I wouldn't 
hold out for an informed reply.

Another site I found links your machine to a Pentium 120 MHz. Nothing 
wrong with that, but it seems like it must be a few years old. I think 
that probably puts it before advanced power management, but let me see 
if my big book of hardware wisdom can enlighten me...

Scott Mueller's Upgrading & Repairing PCs

According to the boards section, if I'm reading it right, neither of the 
Intel chipsets that support the early Pentiums, and have a 128MB EDO RAM 
limit, used a southbridge that could support ACPI.

So it seems possible that your machine does not support the power 
functions in hardware. I may be reading it wrong, though. Without 
knowing exactly what chipset you've got in there, it's hard to be sure. 
There were non-Intel chipsets for your processor.

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