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Hi Lloyd:

 I heartily recommend "FreeBSD: An Open-Source OS for your PC". by Annelise Anderson
This is the book for absolute beginners. If you think a port is a place where ships
dock and bash is a goth discoteque dance, then this is the book you should be reading.

The next great resource are the tutorials by Dru Lavigne:
FreeBSD Basics
Whether judged by pedagogic, technical or literary standards, Dru's articles are
works of high perfection.

Finally, I recommend getting Greg Lehey's "The Complete FreeBSD". The book is a
great resource for technical details about FreeBSD 5.X. I found the sections on TCP/IP 
and the etc file system to be very helpfully.


> I finally decided that I needed to get more information on FreeBSD. I 
> got it up and running, then I did something else and I start getting 
> errors again....
> So I just ordered 3 books on FreeBSD from Amazon. In most of the reviews 
> posted there about the books, people were complaining about weak 
> documentation, too much information about things that they were not 
> interested in, and errors in the in the books which seems to be the most 
> common complaint. In my very short recent history with FreeBSD, I've 
> formed the opinion that documenting FreeBSD is it's greatest weakness. 
> FreeBSD needs someone who can actually type to write a good book for 
> beginners who have never seen UNIX code. A book is needed with examples 
> that actually WORK! Examples that are explained in plain English. There 
> seems to be very few books on FreeBSD around.
> I have decided that it is a very good operating system which I need to 
> learn more about. And yes, I have all of the links that everyone sent 
> me. Thanks for all of the info.
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