Lucent LT modem under FreeBSD

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Sun Jul 11 21:50:07 PDT 2004

On Sun, 11 Jul 2004 01:01:06 +0200
Jan Christian Meyer <Jan.Christian.Meyer at> wrote:

> > I've read that the proper drivers are in the ports collection, but
> > there's one big problem. The only way I'd be able to access the ports
> > collection is with an internet connection, and to have an internet
> > connection I need the Lucent winmodem drivers for FreeBSD.
> Someone can probably suggest something more optimal, but FWIW, here's my 
> tedious manual procedure for installing ports without a network
> connection:
> 1. Try to compile the port, up to the point where it complains
> 2. Press Ctrl-C, interrupting the compilation

if i am not mistaken, you'll need perl and the distfile.  that's it.  i
believe that you can install perl via your freebsd install disk (or is it
even part of the base system?)

> 3. Make a note of the name of the missing file

right now, it's ltmdm-1.4.tgz

> 4. Go to different computer with network connection, carrying floppy or
> CD-R 5. Download missing file from

fwiw, ltmdm-1.4.tgz weighs in at a trivial 487K.  if you have one, a floppy
is definitely the way to go here.  ...and keep it handy for future
installs.  you can always upgrade to the latest version after you're

> 6. Transfer it to /usr/ports/distfiles on target machine using floppy or
> CD-R 7. Lather, rinse, and repeat from step one until compilation no
> longer complains
> For only the ltmdm port (Lucent winmodem driver), this should not be an 
> astonishing amount of work, and afterwards you can install your ports in 
> style like the cool kids do. :)
> Good luck,
>  -Jan Christian
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