Samba, Cups and Printing: Windows client gives "Access denied"

Peter Ulrich Kruppa root at
Thu Jan 1 09:26:18 PST 2004

Hi Phil!

On Thu, 1 Jan 2004, Phil Payne wrote:
> I've got an HP printer on USB port on Freebsd 4-Stable box. Printer is
> on /dev/ulpt0. Installed cups and printing from BSD is fine.
> Had samba installed and working great for filesharing. Now introduced an
> all printers share to share this printer. Printer is browseable from
> windows machine.
> When I install this printer on a Win2K machine (and use local drivers) I
> get "Access Denied, Unable to Connect." Unlike some other people's
> experience I cannot print to the printer despite this message.
I have got the same problem, only the other way round:
Last week I managed to get my standalone print server with samba
and cups working, but I can't exactly tell how I did it, so you
can help me there  :-)
This is my smb.conf

# Samba config file created using SWAT
# from (
# Date: 2003/12/29 08:09:35

# Global parameters
	netbios name = SMALL
	security = SHARE
	passdb backend = guest
	ldap ssl = no
	hosts allow = 192.168.10.

	path = /share
	read only = No
	guest ok = Yes

	path = /var/spool/samba
	guest ok = Yes
	printable = Yes
	use client driver = Yes


Everyone on my home network can print to my FreeBSD machine.
[share] is a share I just put up for testing purposes.
[hpdj] is the printer, just the way I set it up with cups for
local printing - no raw printer or anything like that.
is a directory I put in myself. Its permissions are set to
drwxrwxrwt nobody nobody .

Ideas for this setup com from J. Terpstra (one of samba's

I am using samba3 compiled against cups on -CURRENT .

As I said it works, but I am not sure if this is everything one
needs to do.

Hope it helps,


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