vinum mirroring (raid1) - replacing a disk

William Wong willwong at
Sun Feb 29 20:07:49 PST 2004

Hi there,

I'm testing vinum on FreeBSD 4.9, currently the mirroring feature.

I've created a mirror'd volume using 2 hard disks.

I yanked out one of the hds, and unsurprisingly the mirror kept on going.

Now to replace the failed drive, I reconnected the drive, fdisk'd,
disklable'd and change the fstype back to vinum.

I added the drive in the vinum config, similar to the procedure here:

I tried to start my failed subdisk and it said the device was busy...I set
the state to obsolete and it still said the device was busy when I tried to
start the subdisk.

Is there something I'm doingi wrong?

- Will

Please CC me as I'm not on the list.

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