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hay hay at
Sun Feb 29 12:16:14 PST 2004

Hi dear list,
I have a small pc and I want to setup freebsd 5.2 on it, but I couldnt get
successful until now...Tried many many times but no succes.
My pc's properties
Mainbord ASUS A7V133
Cpu: AMD Athon 1200
Secordary Master Seagate 80GB Barracuda.

When setup tries to make partitions, it alerts me, there is a disk geometry
error. 155061/16/63 is incorrect. It should has been 9729/255/63. First, I
didnt change and tried to setup. I failed. Afterwards, I changed disk
geometry what setup said, but nevertheless I failed. bios update is 06.04.03
and hdd's auto options is selected. I guess PIO is 4, UDMA is 2 cause
Where am I wrong with setup?


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> On Sun, 2004-02-29 at 02:56, Cordula's Web wrote:
> > > When I try to create a new slice, it gives it the name 'X' which
> > > a problem when I try to create new partitions on that slice:
> > >
> > > Unable to create partitons on device: /dev/X
> >
> > This happens when sysinstall runs out of valid slice names.
> > Try using less file systems per partition...
> I figured it was because there were no free primary partitions (all free
> space was in linux extended partition).
> This was solved simply by deleting ALL linux partitions ;)
> Thanks,
> Aaron
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