MySQL and FreeBSD 4.x.. problems, problems with server

dap dap99 at
Sat Feb 28 21:35:01 PST 2004

This has happened with enough servers at different locations that I have to
believe there is a relationship here. I have servers running the latest
release of MySQL. I've run the servers on FreeBSD 4.4., 4.7, and 4.8. I am
not using the threaded version. On all three versions, on different servers
at different sites, I have seen MySQL just go wacky after a while.

Two types of symptoms:

1. mysqld just decides to consume as much of the CPU as possible.
2. new connections to mysql fail

It will usually take 1-3 weeks between occurances.

I have seen posts relating to this off and on. Is there a known problem with
running mysqld on FreeBSD 4.x? What about 5.x? Is it better? I was talking
to another FreeBSD admin the other day and he commented on the same thing:
"mysqld on our FreeBSD 4.7 boxes just lose it sometimes."

Honestly, I am thinking of converting out MySQL db servers from FreeBSD to
Linux for this reason, and only this reason. Otherwise, I love FreeBSD, but
this is just no good. I would blame myself, but I can't when I get wind that
others are having the same problem.

Yes, this is a mysql problem probably, and not a FreeBSD problem. However,
I'm hoping to get some help or hope here as well as with the mysql people.

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