Antivir/avmilter and Sendmail -> stdin trouble

Michel Schwab michel.schwab at
Sat Feb 28 13:59:24 PST 2004


After installing the Antivirus Ports that work good for me, but now i have
one trouble in the Maillog Files from Sendmail, see here (only when the
scanner find a Virus):

Feb 28 22:35:57 mail avmilter[4937]: open(outgoing/df-03109-6647D356) to
stdin failed (Bad file descriptor)
Feb 28 22:35:57 mail avmilter[4936]: temporary MTA failure, error=71 - mails
stay queued
Feb 28 22:35:57 mail avmilter[4936]: Message 'outgoing/qf-03109-6647D356'
could not be forwarded now. We'll retry later.

Does someone have a solution for this problem?

very thanx, Michel

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