Courier-Imap authentication

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The courier imap program has to be able to reach the location,
it might be that the location you defined, is not reachable
by the user under which imapd runs, (for example imapd runs under
barry-mailserver, and the permissions for /home/barry/Maildir is
700, he is never ever going to access it...)

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Onderwerp: Courier-Imap authentication

I recently installed Postfix MTA and Courier-Imap. Postfix
is working correctly. I configured Courier-Imap, all seems
well except i get a message when trying to connect from
client saying "Fatal error: /home/barry/Maildir: Permission

I have created /usr/local/etcuserdb and run pw2userdb.
I chmod 700 /usr/local/etc/userdb
I created /home/barry/Maildir
I ran userdb "barry at" set home=/home/barry
mail=/home/barry/Maildir uid=x gid=x
Then i ran userdbpw | userdb "barry at" set
.. and finally ran makeuserdb

I think maybe i got the uid and gid incorrect. I thought
that these were the values are stated in /etc/passwd (but
maybe not?). What else could it be?

Thank you
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