Problems resolving hosts

JJB Barbish3 at
Fri Feb 27 13:18:05 PST 2004

Well if you had paid closer attention to what Travis wrote you would
have read that nothing had changed on that 5.2 lan box or his lan
network so your guess about resolv.conf is way off base, and that
UFS2 being the problem is a much more sound opinion.

And as far as IPFW goes, your statement is again another case of you
not paying attention to what was written. You really need to read
closely before opening your mouth saying things which are not true.
I never said "that IPFW is completely broken" what I said is ipfw
stateful rules do not work in an Lan network when ipfw's
divert/nated legacy subroutine is used. This subject was beat to
death in a long thread back around the first of the year. You should
check the archives for the technical details before you sound off
demonstrating to everyone how little you know about what truly has
transpired. Open mouth insert foot.

You should also read all the posts to this list and see for your
self all the 5.2.1 problems people are having. Bottom line is 5.2 is
an very dirty release and is an long way from being moved to stable.
It's formal release date has all ready been moved back 3 time and
will more than likely move back again. The kernel development team
just bit off more than it could handle this time. If it gets moved
to stable in it current condition it will only end up being one of
those releases as fixes are applied to the stable branch
and fixing stable releales is not an goal of the stable branch.

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JJB wrote:
> You are experiencing one of the many problems created by the new
> file system in the 5.x development releases. The file system gets
> all locked up and then times out before releasing the sector on
> hard drive so it can be read by program.

Dude, Travis' problem sounds a lot more like what would happen if
one of the
nameservers listed in /etc/resolv.conf wasn't responding to DNS

Your responses would be more helpful to other people if you
refrained from
locking the notion that all problems with 5.x are due to UFS2 into
your brain,
or for that matter, being convinced that IPFW is completely broken
and there
is a conspiracy against other firewalls on FreeBSD.  :-)


PS: To debug your problem, try using "dig @ns1 host", where you
replace ns1
with each of the DNS resolvers you have listed or available, and
replace host
with one or more hostnames that have been causing delays.  This will
show you
how quickly DNS is working and thus confirm whether the problem lies
in this
area, or else expose which nameserver isn't working and maybe why...

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