Firewall enabling confusion.

Shaun T. Erickson ste at
Fri Feb 27 13:14:28 PST 2004

Ion-Mihai Tetcu wrote:

> hint:
> sysctl -a | grep ip.fw 
> for logging do:
> sysctl -w net.inet.ip.fw.verbose: 1
> sysctl -w net.inet.ip.fw.verbose_limit: 5


> see also man ipfw, it will answer your questions.

I'm still wading through it - it's quite a long read. I'll finish before 
asking anything else. ;)

> AFAIK recompile with IPFW_DEFAUL_TO_ACCEPT, but it would be a bad thing.

I don't disagree - I just wanted to know how. It helps me to understand 
the system better. ;)


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