Boot and MBR. Thank YOU!

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Fri Feb 27 10:20:05 PST 2004

> Sorry for being such a pest, my boss kept asking why my computer wasn't
> working, and I'm not ready to ready for him to know I've got BSD loaded.
> I was in panic mode because I couldn't get my Windows XP screens and
> applications to come up. I deeply apologize, I was finally able to read
> all of your message Jerry and it worked they way you said it would. All
> is well, I'm on my way to prove that I can get twice the stuff I need
> through the open source community than we can buy through Microsoft.
> Thanks for all the posts and help. You guys rock!

Glad it is working.   You can experiment later with prettier
Boot Manglers, etc, but up and actually running always seems to
me to be the first step.    


> Res Ipsa Loquitor,
> Mark-Nathaniel Weisman
> Site Master

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