Problems resolving hosts

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You are experiencing one of the many problems created by the new
file system in the 5.x development releases. The file system gets
all locked up and then times out before releasing the sector on the
hard drive so it can be read by program.

All of the 5.x series of FreeBSD releases are from the development
branch and contains experimental and un-test kernel code and is
recommend by the official FreeBSD web site as only appropriate for
users who can debug kernel code, to be used at your own risk. The
4.9 version is the current stable production release appropriate for
general public consumption.

Submit problem report and install 4.9 if you want problem free

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Subject: Problems resolving hosts

I am running FreeBSD 5.1 and I am suddenly having problems loading
certain web
pages.  The system is behind another FreeBSD machine acting as a
router and
DHCP server, so it pulls it's IP and such from the router machine.
I did not
change any settings on either system, and suddenly some web sites
have a 1-3
minute delay in loading certain sites when using Mozilla, Netscape,
Konqueror.  I have tried booting into windows from the same system,
and these
same pages load in normal times.  They also load fine from any other
on the network, so I am convinced it's a problem with this system's
configuration, but I have no idea where to start.  I don't
understand why
most sites load fine, but a select handful won't.  I would
appreciate it if
anybody could share any ideas about this.  I can provide any
files or logs, if requested.

Thanks in advance,

Travis Troyer

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