problems with 5.2.1 install

Daniel Fisher dfisher at
Thu Feb 26 15:15:22 PST 2004

I just did a clean install of 5.2.1 and I'm having several problems.

1) processes are getting stuck in ttywri

They eventually finish running, but the machine will sit for several minutes 
with no load.

2) I'm getting the kernel error: kern.maxpipekva exceeded,
   please see tuning(7)

I know I can up the value using sysctl, but I guess the default value is set 
too low.

3) I'm getting the error: Pipe call failed: Too many open
   files in system, when I do things like make clean.

Changing the kern.maxfiles doesn't seem to fix this problem.

Is anyone else seeing these sorts of problems?
Any pointers would be appreciated.

--Daniel Fisher

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