hangs up on login prompt (very strange)

Zhang Weiwu weiwuzhang at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 26 10:10:31 PST 2004

Tonight I was reading a webpage, I found the whole X window suddenly 
doesn't acceput keyboard input any more (mouse works). So I use mouse 
rebooted the computer. That is a Thinkpad T40 running FreeBSD 5.2

After reboot the whole system hangs up at "Login name" prompt (even in 
"verbose mode"). Ping this box from other computer gets timeouts. I boot 
into single user mode, disabled gdm in single user mode but next boot I 
still hang at "Login name"

I also tried to disable all getty but the box hangs right before "Login 
name" prompt. I (in single user mode) turned off every service in rc.conf, 
renamed /usr/local/rc.d but nothing changed.

Now I'm backing up all my 40GB data in single user mode through 10MB LAN, 
it is midnight I hope next morning everything are backed up and I can 
reinstall FreeBSD and get a working system. But what part do you think in 
my box made it hangs?

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