Error on create new slice

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Thu Feb 26 07:57:43 PST 2004

> hi....
> I having an error on create a new slice.....
> well, I trying to install freebsd 5.1 on my
> primary(master) hard drive, which already contain 2 os
> which are Linux RH 9.0 and windows 2000 pro....
> I try to create a new slice on the unused partion and
> the partion name should be ad0h or ad0 something....
> but it turn out to be "x" this give me an error
> message of "unable to find device node for dev/x from
> dev/ ......."

First, what were you running to do this - sysinstall, fdisk, ??
What steps did you take with them?

Second, move up to FreeBSD 5.2 or 5.2.1 for your install.
It is more bug free.

Third, please take some time and read some documentation.
If you are creating a slice, it would not (could not) be ad0h.
It might be something like ad0s3 or maybe even ad0s4.  If it
was ad0 without the 's3' or 's4' then you would be attempting 
to wipe out the slices with Linux and W2K or probably more likely
just doing something wrong.

Finally, you may be having a problem with dynamic device creation.
I haven't started pushing 5.xx beyond just minimal stuff yet.
So, someone else will have to comment on that.


> Thanks

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