bootable CD error while installing 5.2..

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Wed Feb 25 16:35:04 PST 2004

When you burn the mini.iso file to cd your burner software has to be
able to uncompress the .iso file and write and the uncompressed data
as an data cd.  You may need a MS/Windows program that can burn ISO
files to cdrom. I used Nero from .  The downloadable
nero demo work just fine to do what you have to do to create your
FBSD mini install cdrom.

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Hello List,

I downloaded 4 cd iso images from freebsd ftp site, bootableonly,
disk2 and miniinstall. I drag bootableonly.iso file to the list and
bootable cd with easy cd creater, two files are here in the list,
bootcat.bin, bootimg.bin. Writing is okay but cd is not booting. No
emule message is appearing when restarting computer and message
stays there
until I close the pc.. Winxp bootable cd is working as expected, but
first and second attemp to make a bootable freebsd cd failed. My
pc's bios
is capable of cd booting. Hard disk is 20GB Maxtor. Where am I doing


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