boot disk uses the wrong scsi driver

Thomas Vogt turbo23 at
Wed Feb 25 16:22:33 PST 2004

hay wrote:

> No, nothing I see during boot. I have one IDE hard disk, 20Gb Maxtor. We
> have CD driver enclosure pc case, if floopy is needed for everything for
> what CD was invented? 5.2 booting iso image has problem? I dont know if
> there is a problem or I dont know nothing about bootable CD writing...

Well we don't have any cd-rom in our servers. But I guess I've figured 
out the right solution for my problem. boot -c should help me. Next time 
I should read the man page more carefully.

Thomas Vogt

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> Subject: boot disk uses the wrong scsi driver
>>I try to boot Fbsd 5.2.1 release from a floppy disk in order to make a
>>net installation. The boot disk uses always the wrong SCSI driver. It
>>loads every time the "adv" SCSI driver. But I need the "asr" driver. So
>>the systems hangs all the time. Is there a possibility to send a
>>paramater during the boot session to defines the SCSI right driver?
>>Something like "set hint.asr.enable="1"?
>>Thomas Vogt

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