Sendmail in a DMZ

Marco Greene (Home) mgreene at
Wed Feb 25 13:56:24 PST 2004

This is probably a stupid question...but I have a FreeBSD 4.9 server, which
does not have access to a DNS server.  However, I need to send mail from it.
I have a relay host setup in the same subnet which I have tested works with
telnet mailhost 25...and then giving it the sendmail commands....

However, when I send mail from the host it does not go leave the local
/var/spool/clientmqueue directory and no traffic is attempted between this
host and the mailhost.  (Verified with tcpdump).

I have put an entry "ns2" in my local host file and setup the define SMART
HOST in /etc/mail/ went on to run the following commands
from the /etc/mail directory:
-make all
-make install
-make restart

I confirmed the the /etc/mail/ file has the DS macro set to "ns2"
like I expected; however, when I send a mail message the maillog indicates
that the relay=root at localhost.

Any thoughts?


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