Troubles starting apache

stan stanb at
Wed Feb 25 08:50:30 PST 2004

I'm building a new STABLE machine to replace an ageing FreeBSD Apache
server at work. 

I've got all the configs setup on the new machine, and have it up on the
network, but I can't get Apache to start. I've never seen this sort of
behavior before. I tracked it through apachectl to where the actual call
to /usr/local/bin/httpd is made. That executable is there, and if I run it
with the the -t option I get:

Syntax OK

But yet it won't start. When I run it with the -X option, it just
terminates immediately.

Any suggestions as to how to troubleshoot this?

The machine is a 4.9 STABLE machine from a couple of days ago, if it

Thanks for any ideas on this one, as I'm really stumped as to how to take
this any further.

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