Mounting a network tape drive

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Wed Feb 25 05:52:26 PST 2004

"somatic at" <somatic at> writes:

> I need to take a backup of some data on my system.But the problem is the
> tape drive is on a Windows box on the network.Is it possible to share this
> drive on the windows box and mount it on the freebsd system? If yes, how do
> I go about doing it as I have never done anything similar.

Tapes can't normally be mounted, because by definition they're not
random-access devices.  I don't know of any way to directly access 
a Windows-attached tape drive from a Unix machine; normally people
use a separate (disk-based) staging area to do this.  Another option
is to let the Windows machine handle the backup over an SMB mount,
but file permissions, file flags, and so on will not be backed up
with the data.  You need to analyze your own requirements...

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