Many Users, Switchover

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Within my personal experience *BSD (thus FreeBSD) can do everything your
linux box can, and more,
i find it more robust, secure , more options to secure stuff :), and better
architecture support (
meaning that i personally find that i have more performance on my BSD
machines instead of my Linux machines)

I Run a multi person network at home, having a freebsd webserver and some
other servers using fileserver stuff etc etc.
It works well, no problems found, with the ports everything is easy to
install, upgrade and so on

Hope this helps you a bit :)


p.s FreeBSD is the most user-friendly operating system having security also
in mind, in the BSD series, after
    that comes NetBSD and OpenBSD {Note that i use all of them :) }


Kind regards,

Remko Lodder Dutch community for helping newcomers on the
hackerscene Dutch mirror of MRTG

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Dear Sir

Last year I started off with RH 8. I got a new server for the student campus
and would like to install something ells than RH8 due that they have
privatised. But I do have my concerns. How would FreeBSD integrate into a
windows environment? Having a bunch of students logging into the net work to
access files on the server and running network applications, databasing with
MySQL, management of users and shared folders(per user), is it easy and user
friendly? Does it support DNS with Windows?

Your answer might be the final convincing word, and something ells, security
is of utmost importance, the support on topics and documentation is it
complete similar to RH, I am new tot his business and need backup material?

Yours truly

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