Many Users, Switchover

Chris Botha jc-botha at
Wed Feb 25 00:57:41 PST 2004

Dear Sir

Last year I started off with RH 8. I got a new server for the student campus and would like to install something ells than RH8 due that they have privatised. But I do have my concerns. How would FreeBSD integrate into a windows environment? Having a bunch of students logging into the net work to access files on the server and running network applications, databasing with MySQL, management of users and shared folders(per user), is it easy and user friendly? Does it support DNS with Windows?

Your answer might be the final convincing word, and something ells, security is of utmost importance, the support on topics and documentation is it complete similar to RH, I am new tot his business and need backup material?

Yours truly


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