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Wed Feb 25 04:29:02 PST 2004

Tell IPFW that you want to allow packets.

You'll probably want something like:

 # ipfw add 00100 allow ip from any to any

This will allow ALL packets, so it's not really acting as a well
configured firewall, but it should fix your immediate problem.  Check
out rc.firewall and rc.conf for info on choosing something that may be
better suited to your needs, and take a look at the BSD handbook for
more information about firewalling in general.


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> Firstly thanks for your reply, contents of /etc/resolv.conf 
> are as follows.
> search
> nameserver
> nameserver
> nameserver
>  If i am not mistaken my server ( or 
> that runs FreeBSD as well provides that 
> information through the dhcpd?  I do not have named running 
> on that machine but instead on the fore mentioned server.  
> ipfw show outputs the following line what the ???
> 65535  0  0  deny ip from any to any
> that doesn't look right does it???
> can you help me fix this???
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