Not able install FreeBSD 5.1 properly

Sushobhan Das sushobhan78 at
Tue Feb 24 03:53:37 PST 2004


I am facing problem in installation of FreeBSD 5.1. 
The system configuration is – 
P IV 2.4 GHz with two hard drives & 1 CDROM & 1 CDRW.
I am trying to install FreeBSD in primary slave, in a primary partition of size 4GB. I have given 200MB as swap, 1500MB as /usr and rest to / .
When it asks for installation source, I selected CDRW. But during the installation process, it never asked for Disk 2. So, it said that it could not find some packages. How can I use Disk 2 during installation?

I copied both disk 1 & 2 in C:/FREEBSD (this is in primary master harddrive) and tried to do the installation using the “DOS” option that comes during installation. But It says it could not find any dos partition.

Please help…


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