Help with Vinum disk crash...

Danny Carroll danny at
Mon Feb 23 23:37:00 PST 2004

> We already discussed this.  The likelihood of such far-reaching damage
> is low.

Hmmm ok..

> > I can't prove any of this since I urgently needed about 150gb of
> > space.  So I re-formatted.
> >
> > Like I said it is a shame since I wanted to understand what happened
> > now, but, then again, I was looking for an excuse to change back
> > from vinum to normal.
> To be honest, I don't know what else we could have done, since you
> haven't supplied the information I asked for.

I know and I am sorry for that.  It was just bad timing.  I asked for help and
then within 24 hours found that I needed a lot of storage really fast.  I had
to make a decision whether or not to figure out what went wrong or to get on
with the task as hand.

> > vinum and ide on my system results is very poor disk performance, I
> > see a 10-fold increase in read/write actions.  I'll be interested in
> > revisiting vinum with some SCSI disks sometime soon.
> How did you test it?

I have 4 ata133 ide disks, all identical.  They run off a promise ata133 io

With vinum, all 4 disks are accessed at pretty much the same time, no matter
what you do.   Without, you only access the disk that you are writing to.  It
goes a lot faster but I have to manage my data usage more.

I dont blame vinum, I blame my ide subsystem.


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