Steven N. Fettig freebsd at
Mon Feb 23 19:12:10 PST 2004


I think what you are looking for is drive mirroring (which I think is 
known as RAID 1).  Although I have never done this myself, the Handbook 
seems to give good pointers at:

For more information on mirroring control, the man of ccdconfig:

If you are looking at backup *philosophy* in general, though, mirroring 
doesn't cover it because a catastrophic system failure would simply be 
copied to the mirrored drive (or worse, in the case of an electrical 
failure - i.e. drive, board, controller burnout - you would lose 
everything).  I only mention this because it has happened to me and I 
have been extremely thankful for my tape backups...

Steve Fettig

Eric F Crist wrote:

>I've been looking for a solution for this, as well.  I want RAID level
>copying, so I can just swap harddrives and be back up and running.  If I
>have two identical 160GB HDD, on the same IDE cable (pri/sec), how would
>I accomplish this, and roughly how long would it take?  Figure both HDD
>are full.
>Would I activate this by a script?
>Eric F Crist
>AdTech Integrated Systems, Inc
>(612) 998-3588

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