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Lucas Holt luke at
Mon Feb 23 18:42:17 PST 2004

Passwords would be sent in clear text if you compiled WITHOUT_SSL and 
connected to port 143.

make cert is used on that port to create the certificate file 
imap(d).pem and an symbolic link for pop3d.

  I suspect that there is something wrong with the certificate or the 
permissions are wrong.  It could also be an issue with the client mail 
app you are using.  For example, Apple' s in OSX does not 
handle self signed certificates well.

imapd doesn't want the cert from the openbsd router, its just reporting 
the client is coming from it since its your router.  The cert comes 
from the freebsd file system.

I suppose its possible that openssl thinks a man in the middle attack 
is happening since the request is coming for your router presuming its 
that smart.  if its just forwarding the packets, i don't see how 

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