ISP dialing with callback - def. route problems

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Mon Feb 23 14:13:46 PST 2004

You do not need the line compress stuff it's over kill and outdated,
it just slows down the connection.
On callback you are not logging into his box, he is logging into
your box

You also need gateway="YES" in rc.conf if dialin user want to access
public internet through your gateway box.
IF you have firewall you now have to use NAT function because dialin
user looks like private LAN.

change incoming section to this

incoming:             # section header name

 enable pap           # uses ppp.secret file

# SECURITY WARNING - It is VITAL that pap is enabled. If it is not,
# you are allowing any body to establish an dial in ppp session with
# your FBSD box using any ID/password. There is no authentication
# done on incoming ppp connections if pap is not enabled. - SECURITY

 allow users *        # allow all users who pass authentication
 accept dns           # give dial in connection access to dns lookup

 set ifaddr

 disable pred1 deflate lqr     # compression features & line quality
 deny    pred1 deflate lqr     # compression features & line quality
 disable ipv6                  # turn off ipv6 challenge

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  Thanks to JJB, callback is set up, e.g. ISP calls back & modems
answers the call. The most stupid bug was in /etc/ttys:

  ttyl0 "/usr/libexec/getty callback1"  dialup  on

  (instead of ttyd0 - for Lucent winmodem driver).

    Now I've got more sophisticated callback problem. Saying again,
calling directly no such problem exists, as for callback - Windows
client ppp seems not to produce any problems, so that's not ISP

[!!!] PPP fails to add default route, e.g. I can see his DNS
(gethostbyname(),...) & the whole local network (for ex., his HTTP
server), but can't reach further.
# route get
says can't open roure socket, and here's the part of ppp.log
marked with "[HERE!!!] -->"):

tun0: Command: incoming: set ifaddr
tun0: Command: incoming: add default HISADDR
tun0: Command: incoming: set authname MYLOGIN
tun0: Command: incoming: set authkey ********
tun0: Command: incoming: set logout ATS0=0 OK AT&W OK
tun0: Phase: PPP Started (direct mode).
tun0: Phase: bundle: Establish
tun0: Phase: deflink: closed -> opening
tun0: Phase: deflink: Connected!
tun0: Phase: deflink: opening -> carrier
tun0: Phase: deflink: /dev/ttyl0: CD detected
tun0: Phase: deflink: carrier -> lcp
tun0: Phase: bundle: Authenticate
tun0: Phase: deflink: his = PAP, mine = none
tun0: Phase: Pap Output: MYLOGIN ********
tun0: Phase: Pap Input: SUCCESS ()
tun0: Phase: deflink: lcp -> open
tun0: Phase: bundle: Network
[HERE!!!] --> tun0: Phase: deflink: IPV6CP protocol reject closes
[HERE!!!] --> tun0: Warning: ff02:4::/32: Change route failed:
errno: Network is unreachable

  Can anybody deal with this? Here's incoming ppp.conf setup:

 set log phase tun chat cbcp command pap
 ident user-ppp VERSION (built COMPILATIONDATE)

 set device /dev/cual0

 set speed 38400
           \"\" AT OK-AT-OK ATS0=1 OK AT&W OK ATE1Q0 OK \\dATDP\\T
 set timeout 180            # 3 minute idle timer (the default)
 enable dns                 # request DNS info (for resolv.conf)
 enable vjcomp deflate deflate24 protocomp pred1
 accept vjcomp deflate deflate24 protocomp pred1
 set urgent udp +53

 set ifaddr
 add default HISADDR
 set authname MYLOGIN
 set authkey MYPASSWORD

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