changing the boot0 menu

Alan Freed AlFreed at
Mon Feb 23 11:27:01 PST 2004


I have just installed FreeBSD 5.1 on my laptop.  I've been an avid 
RedHat user since vs 3, but their recent marketing change has made 
it unrealistic for me to stay with them, so I purchased your CD 
bundle and installed it.

I have a specific ?  I use several OS's, and your bootloader finds 
them all; however, it prints a ?? on the screen because they are 
unknown to BSD.  I look at the /boot/boot0 file which contains this 
information, but I don't know how to edit it.  Do you have a way 
that I can edit the menu so that when I select a non-FreeBSD OS I 
know what I'm getting?  

It is going to take me a good week to get everything configured 
and running, but it seems that this will happen, it will just take 

You really need to get teTeX in your Ports distribution!!!


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