Install bug - 4.9 stable - post install circular reboot

Michael L. Squires mikes at
Mon Feb 23 09:35:39 PST 2004

> I can confirm an issue posted Dec 3rd, freebsd-stable maillist, titled
> "4.9 install buglet".
> I experience this bug running the install (various configurations) 100%
> of the time.  After install, after system reboot, the boot loader comes
> up with F1: FreeBSD, and reboots continually forever.  To test, I made 3
> installs without issue using 4.8.  So first, I'd like to confirm the bug
> report, and ask the following.

I'm running two systems with 4.9-STABLE and haven't seen this problem.  I
did see this kind of thing back in the 3.X days when my HD was not
correctly detected by FreeBSD during an install.  The solution was to
create a small DOS partition on the HD and then do the install.

I've done complete re-installs for 5.1-RELEASE on two other systems and
haven't seen this, either.

Mike Squires

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