FTP Problems with FreeBSD 5.2.1 RC 2 install

Barry Hawkins ly5t5 at allthingscomputed.com
Mon Feb 23 08:42:07 PST 2004

	Would anyone have insight on problems accessing FTP installation 
sources for 5.2.1 RC2?  I was installing just fine using 
ftp5.us.freebsd.org (mit.edu, I believe, one of the sources closer to 
me), and began to have the installation return to the menu for 
selecting my FTP source.  Invariably the install would no longer return 
to the FTP menu and would ask me if I would like to retry the currently 
failing package.  Replying "Yes" would produce no activity and replying 
"No" would skip that package and try the next one, exhibiting the same 
	I restarted the install from scratch four times last night, and tried 
many mirrors from the main list and the USA list of FTP mirrors.  My 
ISP had no network issues posted last night, and I could traceroute via 
my PowerBook on OS X with no issues.  Does anyone know what my issue 
(besides ignorance) might be?  Also, is there a way to gracefully get 
out of error issue with FTP without starting over with my install?

Barry C. Hawkins
All Things Computed
site: www.allthingscomputed.com
weblog: www.yepthatsme.com

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