USB Timeout Period, KVM Problems

Steven N. Fettig freebsd at
Mon Feb 23 07:13:43 PST 2004

Hi all,

Is there a setting somewhere sets a timeout period for USB inactivity.  
Better stated: I have an IOGear USB KVM that I use with the FreeBSD 
system I am writing this on (4.9) and every 2 hrs., the KVM stops 
functioning and I have to cycle its power.  The USB port, however, that 
the KVM was attached to is disabled by the system and the only way I can 
get keyboard and mouse access again is to restart the system (or change 
the USB port that the KVM is plugged into - which is just as 
inconvenient as shutting down the system).  I think that the problem is 
with the KVM, but until I can get a new one, I wanted to see if I could 
reset the USB controls on the system to reactivate that USB port when 
this happens.  Any ideas?

Steve Fettig

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