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You should take a look at IMP ( or
Squirrelmail, both of which are webmail solutions, and both can be found
in the ports tree.  They do however, require either a POP3 or IMAP
server, and a server with PHP and a few other minor dependencies.

Alternatively, you could try neomail, which can access local mailspool
files using just perl.

Good luck.


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> Hi,
> I was wondering if there was a web based system to check mail 
> on a freebsd system.I wanted to setup a mail system for all 
> users on the intranet.I have successfully installed sendmail 
> and can send and receive mail on the system.(using pine).But 
> how do i go about setting up a system for external lan users 
> without them telnetting into the system?.Would i need a pop3 server?
> Thanks,
> akshay.
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