dialup question

Roberto Pereyra rjpereyra at gualeguaychu.gov.ar
Mon Feb 23 03:56:51 PST 2004


I want to setup a dialup freebsd 5.2 server.

My setup is:

---INTERNET---------| GATEWAY |-------------|DIALUP SERVER| -----|----
                                                                  8 lines
My ppp.conf is:

      set debug phase lcp chat
      set timeout 0 set debug phase lcp chat
      enable pap
      set ifaddr
      enable proxy
      accept dns
      set dns
      load server
      set radius /etc/radius.conf

I have enable the eight lines in my /etc/ttys

ttyd0  "/usr/local/sbin/mgetty -s 115200" dialup on secure
ttyd1  "/usr/local/sbin/mgetty -s 115200" dialup on secure

Some question:

I must enable

pseudo-device   tun     1

1 must be 8 or this setup is automatic for freebsd 5.2 ?

Is my ppp.conf rigth ?

Is the "set ifaddr ...." line rigth ?

I have in both sides USR 56K  and not have more than 32k with analog lines. How can I have more speed ?

Thanks in advance


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