make installworld fails at kerberos5

Stheg Olloydson olloydson at
Sun Feb 22 22:52:10 PST 2004


I'm just learning FreeBSD (Release 4.9). I installed
in January and everything seemed fine. On February 12,
I did a CVSup. buildworld, make and installkernel
produced no errors, but installworld fails, and I
can't figure out why. From my script output file:

===> kerberos5/lib/libvers
===> kerberos5/lib/libasn1
install -C -C -o root -9 wheel -m 444 libans1.a
install -C -C -o root -9 wheel -m 444 libans1_p.a
install -C -s -o root -9 whell -m 444
ln -fs /usr/lib/
yacc -d
cp parse.c
cp:No such file or directory
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/src/kerberos5/lib/libasn1
*** Error code 1

The part I don't understand is that if I look in
/usr/src/kerberos5/lib/libasn1, I see the
created by installworld. I would appreciate any help.
I've been stuck for 10 days now.




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