5.2 acpi hangs on PowerEdge 4350 usb controller - should I file an bug report?

Stephen Hoover shooverfbn at 442spot.com
Sun Feb 22 15:26:25 PST 2004

When installing FreeBSD 5.2, booting with acpi enabled, the system hangs
when it detects the server's usb controller. This server (PowerEdge 4350)
has an Intel 440GX chipset with a usb host controller, but it does not have
any usb ports.

If I disable acpi, I can install fine. After compiling a new kernel with all
usb support disabled, I can boot with acpi again.

Even Windows detects the controller with an error (cannot start device)

Should I fill out a bug report for this issue? Just wanted to check with the
gurus first.

Stephen Hoover
Dallas, Texas

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