Is inetd a proxy server?

Marty Landman MLandman at
Sun Feb 22 14:19:10 PST 2004

At 01:26 PM 2/22/2004, Matthew Seaman wrote:

>getty(8) is pretty light weight, and it doesn't take much extra memory to 
>run multiple copies of it.  It's also the case that while you may not need 
>to log in via the console during normal usage, when you do need console 
>access then you generally need it very badly.

Fine if fbsd wants a dozen copies running. In fact since I don't have X 
installed would just as soon have all 12 pf keys mapped to cli consoles for 
if/when am sitting at the console.

My issue is one of UI, especially for "top". It would be nicer imo if those 
1/2 doz getty processes were to display on one line somehow... maybe 
indicating the number running and a way for me to expand them if needed 
[which is essentially never which is my point]. So something like getty, 
necessary and there for the appropriate reason, i.e. it displays on "top" 
because it should, nonetheless is a light weight, in my case rarely used 
process that ends up consuming 1/3 or so of the screen real estate.

>You can run apache 1.3.x through inetd -- see the 'ServerType' directive 
>in httpd.conf:
>As it says in bright red letters: "Inetd mode is no longer recommended and 
>does not always work properly. Avoid it if at all possible."

In that case...

>ServerType no longer exists in apache 2.0.x.

Doesn't bother me, I migrated backwards to apache 1.3.x on 3/4 servers 
because it seems the more common version, at least for Unix. My windows 
gateway runs apache 2.0 because it's pretty much restricted to being a 
documentation repository for faqs, manuals, and the like.

I guess it's something I might try if I found out it was still in common 
and accepted commercial use, which from what you've said does not sound 
likely or at least wise.

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