seeking shell scripting resources

Scott W wegster at
Sun Feb 22 10:53:32 PST 2004

Marty Landman wrote:

> I'm new to running my own unix systems and would like to start 
> learning the ropes on shell scripting. I've looked at the handbook and 
> a few other sources... maybe haven't looked closely enough.
> Any recommendations on more involved manuals/explanations/examples of 
> how shell scripts should be developed and used?
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Hi Marty.  There are a few tutorials out there, but I haven't seen any 
really good or 'complete' ones online.  (There may be some, but from 
memory I don't remember finding any).

If you're going to use Bash, give the O'Reilly 'Learning the Bash Shell' 
book a shot.  Another one that does cover other shells is called either 
'Unix Shells' or 'Unix Scripting' (don't recall which and it's at 
work..), which was published 2003 IIRC.


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