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Erik Greenwald erik at
Sun Feb 22 08:49:14 PST 2004

On Sat, Feb 21, 2004 at 11:38:11PM -0800, Derrick Ryalls wrote:
> Googling around, I see lots of reference to glibc issues, but I thought
> that only applied to Linux.  I have tried mysql41-server port (fresh
> cvsup), mysql40, and a package mysql323, and they all have the same
> issue.  That leads me to believe that the o/s has the issue, not mysql.
> Does anyone have a clue on what I need to check/upgrade?
> Current system:  FreeBSD 4.9-RC #0: Tue Oct  7

yeah, glibc would be linux only... but there're a couple pr's for this
issue on freebsd right now.

(currently, there is no fix.. the workaround is to connect via a local

Mind if I ask what cpu/mb you're operating on?

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