CURRENT: RAID1: use vinum(8) or motherboard support (VIA VT8237)?

Gabriel Ambuehl gaml at
Sun Feb 22 02:19:54 PST 2004

Hi Burkard Meyendriesch,
you wrote.

BM> Hi all,

BM> for my new -CURRENT box I have to decide wether to use
BM> vinum(8) or the on-board capabilities of my Asus K8V Deluxe
BM> motherboard for RAID1 mirroring. Which solution would you
BM> recommend?

Personally, I've always found vinum to be a rather weird piece of
software to work with, so I'd suggest you go for onboard RAID, but I0m
not sure if VT8237 RAID1 is supported right now (however, atacontrol
can also do RAID without any direct support for the chipset). If anything,
I'd also look into raid(4).


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