framebuffer fro freebsd

Rahul Sawarkar torahuls at
Sat Feb 21 21:13:30 PST 2004

Have you tried switching to 1024x768 mode using vidcontrol. I tried and did not suceed on
my last hardware which was a mvp4 chipset with an 8mb blade3d graphics. Right now I have a
radeon 7500 on a 440bx chipset. I'd assumed it wouldn't work, this time  around also (ref:
the url below), but maybe I should give it a try.
So anyways I figured, maybe a framebufer driver would enable switching....

Thanks for any tips on this front.

Please cc to me as I am not subscribed. thanks

Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> Rahul Sawarkar <torahuls at> writes:
>>is there a framebuffer port for freebsd?
>>  i want to run my console in 1024x768.
> Why would you want a framebuffer for that?
> Do you have frame grabber hardware or something?
> If all you want is a 1024x768 video mode driving the 
> text console, vidcontrol(1) can do that, but I don't
> understand the connection to a frame buffer...

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