Do I need Mozilla-1.6 and Mozilla-GTK2-1.6?

Bob Perry rperry4 at
Sat Feb 21 14:54:35 PST 2004


Just upgrade to 4.9-RELEASE and CVSup'd my system today.
pkg_version -v listed mozilla-gtk2-1.6_2  as "? orphaned:
 www/mozilla-gtk2".   Also have mozilla-1.6_2,2 which was my
original browser.  If I remember correctly, the gtk2 version
appeared after installing Galeon2 and provided additional code
that Galeon2 needed.

Ran pkgdb -Fv  and it referenced "duplicate origins for the two
mozilla files and prompted me to unregister one.  I responded "no"
because of Galeon2.  "No" was also the default.

Ran pkg_version -v again and the gtk2 version is no longer an
orphan but just needs updating to 1.6_2,2, same version as my
original mozilla.

Fresh Ports indicates that GTK2 is now the default version, but
at the same time marks the file with an "x", as in "Deleted: This
port has been removed from the ports tree."

Can I deinstall the gtk2 version and not effect Galeon2?  Did I
ever need both mozilla-1.6 and mozilla-GTK2-1.6?

Bob Perry

FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE-p2 #0

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