Clarification needed on Handbook: Tracking for Multiple Machines

D J Hawkey Jr hawkeyd at
Sat Feb 21 08:07:11 PST 2004

Hi all.

I recently acquired a laptop whose world and kernel I'd like to have
built by a different machine on my LAN. Chapter 21.5 of the current
Handbook lays things out pretty well, but I do have a couple of questions
before proceeding.

The Handbook states: "Finally[,] make sure that /etc/make.conf on all
the machines in the build set agrees with the build machine. That means
that the build machine must build all the parts of the base system that
any machine in the build set is going to install. Also, each build machine
should have its kernel name set with KERNCONF in /etc/make.conf, and the
build machine should list them all in KERNCONF, listing its own kernel
first. The build machine must have the kernel configuration files for each
machine in /usr/src/sys/arch/conf if it is going to build their kernels."

So, two machines use the same world, except that a laptop doesn't want
profiled libraries or games. Since the install is separate from the build,
the build machine's make.conf must _not_ define NOPROFILE nor NOGAMES,
but the laptop's make.conf _must_ define NOPROFILE and NOGAMES, such that
both are present when `make installworld` is run on the machine that wants
them, but they won't be installed when `make installworld` is run on the
laptop, right?

Second, two machines are of the same architecture, but they have different
CPUs: One is an Intel PIII, but the other is a PII. Will the world built
on a PIII be correct for a PII? Similarly, will the kernel for the PII
built on a PIII be correct for the PII, given the different variables and
settings in the two kernel configuration files?

Finally, after briefly following the makefile chain, it looks as though
what is written for -CURRENT is backward-compatible to 4.5-RELEASE?
/etc/defaults/make.conf doesn't mention KERNCONF; /usr/src/Makefile.inc1
does. Since /usr/share/mk/ sucks in /etc/make.conf, that should
propogate KERNCONF to /usr/src/Makefile, right?


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