dialup question ?

Tony Frank tfrank at optushome.com.au
Sat Feb 21 01:24:54 PST 2004


On Fri, Feb 20, 2004 at 07:37:49PM -0300, Roberto Pereyra wrote:
> A question:
> I want to configure a simple dial-up server and have this ppp.conf
> --------------------------
> default:
> pap:
>       set debug phase lcp chat
>       set timeout 0 set debug phase lcp chat
>       enable pap
>       set ifaddr
>       enable proxy
>       accept dns
>       set dns
>       load server
>       set radius /etc/radius.conf
> ------------------------------------
> My dial-up server ( is not the internet gateway (
> The line:
>   set ifaddr
> is right ? the first ip must be the system gateway or must be the dial-up server ip ?

I think it should be the gateway as you are going to be proxying the dialup users onto
your local LAN.
The dialup box will proxy-arp the dialup users to the LAN and will forward their
packets to the gateway.

I have a similar setup to what you describe.
In my case the dialup is also the gateway which makes it simpler.

My config is:

 set timeout 0
 set enddisc mac
 enable chap chap81 pap passwdauth
 enable proxy
 set ifaddr
 set server /var/run/ppp/ppp-server-%d "" 0177
 set dns
 set nbns
 accept dns



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