USB modem support?

Daniela dgw at
Fri Feb 20 17:29:35 PST 2004

I'm having problems with an USB ADSL modem (Alcatel Speed Touch). It is 
recognized at boot time, but when I try to connect, it tells me that the 
modem is busy.
I symlinked /dev/cuaa3 to /dev/ugen1 (that's the device that showed up in the 
boot messages) and directed the kppp utility to use /dev/cuaa3. I entered all 
the information it asked me for, and then I got the error message: Modem is 
busy. My ISP told me to f*** off and get Windoze. Anything else is 

Is it a hardware problem or a classical case of a dumb user?
I'm not unexperienced with Ethernet connections, and I have a great knowledge 
of the TCP/IP standard, but I have never done anything with modems, so I 
can't even imagine how this stuff works.


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