configuring xl device

Derrick Ryalls ryallsd at
Fri Feb 20 11:52:12 PST 2004

> Greetings,
> I have a box with 5.1-release on it.  I had it configured and 
> connected to my lan.  The connection was to a switch.  
> ifconfig -a showed it as autosense.  All was well with the 
> world.  Relocated this box to another building (same lan).  
> It is connected to a 10/100 hub.  Connected it and no joy.  
> Wouldn't talk over the network.  Double checked everything. 
> Then I thought maybe autosense wasn't working so well.  
> Manually configured it ifconfig xl0 netmask 
> media 100basetx mediaopt half-duplex.
> That didn't help.  Double checked the hub and the port was 
> enabled. Replaced the drop cable.  Nope.  Not gonna go.  Get 
> a no route to host.
> I would appreciate ideas here.

My guess is that you need a gateway setup.  Try doing something like 'route
add default' where the xxx's represent your gateway ip.  I
am not entirely sure if I have the syntax of route add done correctly, so
check with your local man page first.


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