First time installation - 5.2

Stephen Liu satimis at
Fri Feb 20 07:10:19 PST 2004

Hi all folks,

This is my first time installing UNIX - FreeBSD 5.2

- Graphic card - Creative Graphic Blaster RiVA-TNT
- One IDE ATA-hard disc - connected to ATA controller
(Entire disc for FreeBSD)
- 2 ethernet cards, Realtek
- USB mouse - 3 buttons, wheel
- CDRom - secondary slave
- CDWriter - secondary master
- 101 keyboard

Installing media - CD1

Installation went through without complaint with auto-partitioning.  
Coming to X configuration, no USB mouse driver was available for 
selection compelled to select PS/2 mouse instead.  It did ask for 
selecting video card driver and rebooted automatically.  X window 
started but I have no idea which mode it was.  Mouse did not work.  The 
screen pop-up with a mouse pad/key pad and a small XFConfig diagram.  I 
have no problem to navigate the mouse with key pad, highlight the item 
but could not select it.  'Enter' key did not function.  Finally I 
pressed a hard-reboot to restart the PC.  PC restarted going straight to 
text mode with login popup.  I entered 'root' and then 'startx'.  This 
time  X window could not start.

Kindly advise how to fix it.


Stephen Liu

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